Monday, January 5, 2015

How to Make Paperclip Bookmarks

Several months ago, I saw this cute little paperclip bookmark. I adored it! I had to learn how to make them. They couldn't be that hard to make, right? 

I went to the store and bought paperclips and ribbon. I scoured the internet trying to find the perfect way to create them. Then life became busier, so I simply put this little project on hold. Sunday afternoon my little girl asked if we could make a craft. Sure thing! Out came the paperclips and ribbon, and we got started. 

While there are many ways to create these cute little bookmarks, I will share with you have we made them. 

-Jumbo Paperclips
-Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

After you have all of the supplies, my suggestion would be to go ahead and cut the ribbon for the desired number of bookmarks. Cut the ribbon 5 inches. We made piles of ribbon and paperclips. My little girl wanted to color-coordinate the paperclips, so that gave her a fun task for her to do. 

Now you are ready to begin making the paperclip bookmarks. 

Step 1: Place the cut ribbon center over the top of the paperclip. 

Step 2: Loop one side through the back of the paperclip and pull it up towards the top. Repeat this same process for the other side of the ribbon. 

Step 3: Once the ribbon is looped through and pulled tight, use your scissors to cut the top of the ribbon into V's to keep the ribbon from fraying. 

Step 4: Add a dab of hot glue on the backside of the bookmark to keep the ribbon secure. 

In the pictures above, you can see we made quite a few. We plan to give them to our family members and others. Also, you can see what it looks like coming out of the top of a cute! 

This was a fun craft that even my six year old could help with. I hope you enjoy making some paperclip bookmarks. 

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